Understand how our agroclimatic infrastructure works

Integration via API

All IMBR Agro technology in a mass form and integrated into the company’s daily life

Agroclimatic Indicators

Personalized, mass and standardized delivery per customer

Beto from IMBR

Carry out your harvest planning and monitoring, all via WhatsApp and the possibility of customization on demand


Market intelligence platform, providing actionable information in a few clicks and with editable spreadsheets


Identification of polygons, their owners and agricultural crops in Brazil in partnership with OneSoil, with performance data processing

Understand the applications of our technologies

Climate profile

IMBR Agro has a giant database of climate information that can help you understand the profile of the region where your customers are located.

Soil analysis

A database was created from GEOINFO/EMBRAPA, allowing the analysis of soil typology for all agricultural polygons in Brazil.

Agricultural productivity planning

With the productivity model created by the startup, we determined the best planting windows at the agricultural plot level.

Crop monitoring

During the period during which the crops are harvested, we provide our customers with a productivity forecast for each agricultural plot, updating it daily.

Risk classification of agricultural areas

From the production Big Data generated by the startup, the founders’ knowledge of finance is incorporated with the aim of delivering risk scores to their clients for the agricultural polygons analyzed by the startup.

Management of Agroclimatic Indicators

These indicators represent a process developed by the startup in order to evaluate the climate and agricultural areas in an index format.

Soil carbon stock and content

As with the soil typology, from GEOINFO/EMBRAPA, we deliver information on carbon in the soil by polygon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies have you worked with?

We have worked for several companies throughout the agribusiness sector, such as industries, financial operations registers, insurance companies, among others.

Do you work with satellites?

Yes, we use public satellites, but only to feed our database with weather information that is updated daily.

I want to reach you. What do I do?

You can schedule a meeting with us here, or you send us an email at [email protected] or send us a message at +55 19 97815-8484. In addition, we are in Piracicaba at the Agtech Garage if you want to hold a face-to-face meeting.