We just need the latitude and longitude of agricultural production!

We bring knowledge in the palm of your hand through our APIs and Platform

Climate profile

IMBR Agro has a giant database of climate information that can help you understand the profile of the region where your customers are located.

Crop modeling

The productivity model used by IMBR Agro was created by the startup and reaches the level of production polygons. Its elaboration relies on methods validated by the global scientific community.

Soil typology

IMBR Agro set up a database from GEOINFO/EMBRAPA, which allows its customers to remotely know the soil typology of their agricultural production polygons.

Dynamic crop monitoring

IMBR Agro’s information HUB provides its customers with the possibility of monitoring the probabilities of crop failure in their polygons of interest, always taking into account EMBRAPA’s Agricultural Climatic Risk Zoning (ZARC).

Risk classification by ratings

Using Big Data generated by the startup, the knowledge of the founders about finance is incorporated in order to deliver risk notes to their clients for the agricultural polygons analyzed by the startup.

Valuation of financial assets

Based on the startup’s informational intelligence, work on agronomic validation of CPRs and valuation of rural properties becomes possible.

Soil carbon stock and content

As with the soil typology, from GEOINFO/EMBRAPA, we deliver information on carbon in the soil by polygon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies have you worked with?

We have worked for several companies throughout the agribusiness sector, such as industries, financial operations registers, insurance companies, among others.

Do you work with satellites?

Yes, we use public satellites, but only to feed our database with weather information that is updated daily.

I want to reach you. What do I do?

You can schedule a meeting with us here, or you send us an email at [email protected] or send us a message at +55 19 97815-8484. In addition, we are in Piracicaba at the Agtech Garage if you want to hold a face-to-face meeting.