Brazilian agriculture with
technology democratization access to accurate data

How we deliver our technology

Our Team

Filipe Scigliano Silva Pinto

Head of Marketing  & Sales

Gustavo Naoki Oharomari

Head of Technology


Hernan Angulo

Administrative Head


Lucas Magro Koren

Head of Strategy & R&D

Paulo Bruno Moretti

Product Owner


Ana Carolina Salmazo

R&D Intern


Understand how our agroclimatic infrastructure works

Our partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies have you worked with?

We work for all companies linked to Agro. We have all types of agricultural companies in our portfolio: agro-industries, agricultural registrars, insurance companies, seed companies, trading companies, biological crop protection, agrochemicals, machinery, agricultural land and originators.

Do you work with satellites?

We use public satellites to feed our database with climate information updated daily.

I want to reach you. What do I do?

Schedule a meeting with us here, or send us an email at: [email protected].
For in-person meetings, we have a room at PwC Agtech Innovation in Piracicaba/SP.