Privacy Policy

Last updated: 06/27/2023

This PRIVACY AND COOKIES POLICY aims to provide transparency to data processing operations and applies to all processing of personal data collected by the company through the website, applications, social media. By using our services, the data subject agrees to our privacy and cookies policy.

  • Why is personal data collected?
  • What personal data is collected?
  • What is the purpose of the data processing carried out?
  • What is the legal basis for the data processing carried out?
  • How long is personal data stored for?
  • With whom is personal data shared?
  • Where is the data transferred?
  • What are the rights of the data subject?


  • What are they for?
  • What information is collected?
  • What type of cookies do we use?
  • How to reject cookies?


We collect personal data to enable our commercial activity, providing contact with people interested in our services and enabling the analysis of which internal tools will be efficient for the delivery of a quality product. We emphasize our commitment to capturing and storing only fundamental data for the performance of the activity, following the purpose pre-established by the company.



We may process your personal data for the following purposes, inherent to the business carried out by the company:

  • Provide, offer and develop the services, including executing service contracts and delivering products;
  • Communication and customer relationship: for example, responding to queries, requesting feedback, responding to requests and complaints, submitting administrative information, new services, features or contractual changes;
  • Customize user navigation according to your personal preferences;
  • For other specific purposes, if subject to consent.


Registration data: When the data subject accesses the website and enters information through landing pages and forms, the name, whatsapp number, company name, the website that the user already manages is provided, always with consent.

Browsing data: When the holder browses our website, we collect data that identifies: IP address, date and time, geolocation, characteristics of the access device, browser and version, account information (username, marketing preferences and cookies), pages accessed, pages searched, time spent on pages.

Others: Data collected only with consent or express notice, such as videos recorded in meetings.


As bases legais para o tratamento dos dados dos usuários são: o consentimento e a execução contratual, previstos no art. 7, I e V da LGPD (Lei 13.709/18). 

  • What data is processed?
    • Information for drawing up the contract, CPF and address, if you are an individual.
  • What can we use them for?
    • Contract conclusion.
  • What is the legal basis used to process this data?
    • Contract execution (art. 7, V of Law 13,709/2018). Art. 7 The processing of personal data can only be carried out in the following cases: (…) V – when necessary for the execution of a contract or preliminary procedures related to a contract to which the data subject is a party, at the request of the data subject.


  • What data is processed?
    • Online browsing data of website users. IP address, date and time, geolocation, access device characteristics, browser and version, login and account information (username, marketing preferences and cookies), pages accessed, pages searched, time spent on pages.
  • What can we use them for?
    • Customization of navigation according to user preferences.
  • What is the legal basis used to process this data?
    • Consent (art. 7, I of Law 13,709/2018). Art. 7 The processing of personal data can only be carried out in the following cases: I – upon the provision of consent by the data subject.



The data is stored for a maximum period of 6 (six) years, in the case of marketing data (following the understanding of legislation similar to the LGPD); and up to 10 in the case of purchase and sale data, for purposes of legal defense and company history – counted from the end of the commercial relationship with the company.

Purchase data: 10 years.

Registration data: 6 years

Navigation: At least 6 months.

Contract data: 10 years.

If the holder requests the deletion of his data, the deletion may be refused if necessary to comply with legal obligations and the legal defense of his interests.


We only share personal data of your customers with interested third parties, or partner companies to enable the provision of services. When for economic purposes other than those initially informed in this policy, the company will only share with express, highlighted and specific consent.

International transfer

In order to enable the provision of services by the company, it may be necessary to transfer the data to companies in other countries. We only transfer personal data of our customers to enable the provision of services offered and for laws that have at least the same protection provided by Brazilian regulations. To ensure an adequate level of protection, we carry out risk mapping of international transfers and share data with countries where there are minimum legal guarantees of protection and low risk of data breach. Subject to the company’s commitment to carry out the transmission only within the limits and purposes permitted by Brazilian law and already mentioned in this policy.


We do not collect personal data from children and adolescents.


In view of the applicable regulations, we respect the rights of the holder of personal data, provided for in article 18 of the LGPD, and informs that, at any time, the holder may request, observing the channels and means available:

Information on processing and access to data

The holder may request confirmation of the processing of their data, as well as request access to them.

Full or simplified copy of data

The holder may request a printed or digital copy of his data, and the costs of making the copies available are covered, respecting the limits of feasibility and reasonableness.

Data correction

Considering that the user is responsible for the veracity of the registered information, the holder must request the alteration of data that are incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate or outdated. False registration information is the responsibility of the holder and may affect and even interrupt the provision of services to the holder. We undertake to change inaccurate data in accordance with the holder’s request.

Anonymization of data that is unnecessary, excessive or treated in violation of the Law

The holder may request that data that proves to be unnecessary and excessive be anonymized, that is, that, using reasonable technical means, the controller makes it impossible to associate, directly or indirectly, the data with the holder.

Elimination and blocking of unnecessary or excessive data or data treated in violation of the Law

The holder may request the deletion of demonstrably unnecessary or excessive data stored in the controller’s database.

Data portability

The holder may request the transmission of data to other providers of services and products, provided that commercial and industrial secrets are observed, through the technical standards adopted, respecting the limits of feasibility and reasonableness.

Review of automated decisions

Whenever there are decisions taken solely on the basis of automated processing of personal data that affect the interests of the holder, there will be the right to request, through the available channels, their revision.

Possibility of not offering or revoking consent

The holder may revoke consent or request the destruction of those data that are unnecessary or excessive for the fulfillment of the contract or the informed purpose, subject to the legal permissives of legitimate refusal.

Thus, if there is no other legitimate basis, we can delete the information from its database, at the request of the holder. Consequently, some of the services, for which the data would be relevant, may be limited or closed.

We may object to deletion when:

  • The processing of data is necessary for the fulfillment of obligations to which the company is subject;
  • The data is necessary for the exercise or defense of a right in a lawsuit;
  • There is a rule that imposes its maintenance for a minimum time;
  • The data is anonymized;
  • The purpose on which the processing was based remained unchanged;
  • There is a legitimate interest of the company;
  • The data are necessary and adequate for the treatment that were captured;
  • The treatment is linked to a public interest (health, life, safety);

The company will make every effort to respond and respond to requests in the shortest possible time, respecting the reasonable time determined by law.


The controller responsible for data processing is Filipe Scigliano Silva Pinto, Data Manager.

Any requests, questions or complaints regarding personal data may be sent to the Data Controller (DPO) via email: [email protected].

It reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, due to changes in legislation or services, or at its sole discretion, which is why we recommend observing the date of the last revision, in the header of this Privacy Policy.


Cookies are small files sent by the website and stored in the user’s browser, recording information that can be accessed by the platform on future visits to the website.


The purpose of using COOKIES is to customize the user’s navigation according to personal preferences and through the analysis of the user’s habits on the platform. Cookies determine preferences, interests, the usefulness and number of uses of websites, allowing faster and more efficient navigation for the user.


The information collected (device used, location, time) is generic and, as a rule, cannot identify the user. Any information that may possibly identify the user, such as when the user is already registered, follow the same provisions of this Privacy Policy.


Essential cookies

They are those without which the user cannot benefit from essential features of the site, such as making purchases or obtaining discounts on the site. We use essential category cookies, which last from 1 (one) session to 1 (one) year.

Analytical cookies

They are those used to analyze the way users interact with the website, allowing the identification of possible navigation and user experience improvements, for example. These cookies do not identify users, but collect anonymized information that serves only for statistical analysis. We use analytical category cookies, which last from 1 (one) minute to 2 (two) years.

Functionality cookies

They are those that serve to record user preferences and some decisions that he has already taken on the site, preventing the user from having to take the same actions again with each new visit. We use cookies in this category, which last 30 (thirty) minutes.

Advertising cookies

They are those used to target advertising according to the user’s interests and measure the effectiveness of this advertising. We use cookies in this category, which last from 15 (fifteen) minutes to 3 (three) months.

Other Cookies

There are other types of cookies used, which last from 30 (thirty) minutes to 1 (one) year.


There is the possibility of accepting only some specific cookies, through a simple selection on the page itself. The user who prefers can reject cookies using the browser settings at any time (incognito window), but refusal can impair the browsing experience.